Illustration & Digital Media

Allen Wong

With a background ranging from traditional hand-drawn animation to web design, Allen has spent most of life drawing and learning as much as he can about multiple creative medias.  Putting a bulk of his focus in hand-drawn illustration, Allen enjoys what can be accomplished from the good ol pencil and paper. Contact here: 

Teaching & Research

Diana-Grace Morris

Classroom teacher, exploring how to engage, act and think differently in ways that orientate teaching & learning towards future-focused education.

More here: @MathPirates​​

Melanie Hamilton

Producer of Muscle Mouth
Melanie is the producer and dramaturg of Muscle Mouth, a multidisciplinary company that produces live performance and installation works. Their work AGE was commissioned by the 2014 New Zealand Festival, and recently they premièred Triumphs and Other Alternatives.



Entrepreneurship & Event Management Mariya Kupriyenko
Mariya loves co-working & creative enterprise.. Always thinking of innovative ways to support NZ small business and freelance communities, Mariya Directs In Good Company co-working space full time. When not at the Co. Mairya teaches dance, makes performances and freelances as a translator and an event manager. 

Contact or pop in for a chat!

Art & Design Carragh Amos
Carragh finished Elam School of Fine Arts in 2013.  She is now working as a Designer & a Sculptor on freelance basis.  ​Catch up with Carragh over e-mail Carragh is a host at In Good Co.
​​​​Fashion Photography
Evangeline Davis 
Currently a  student at Massey University, Evangeline has  traveled the globe and photographed a range of fashion events. Recently she shot the NZ Fashion Week 2014.More here or give her a call 02102858773 Evangeline is a host at In Good Co.


Philip Silverman

Phil designs and constructs three-dimensional art works with a combination of mediums, methods, and techniques.

Catch up with him via email


Karley Skinner

Karly is a painter & sculptor who focuses on portraits and anatomical body-horror. She is inspired by pop surrealism and dreams of being the next C.F. Goldie

Talk to her here :

Mysterious Stranger

Leonie Reynolds

Leonie uses new technologies and forms of storytelling to create magical experiences and immersive adventures. More here:

Landscape Architecture

Jade Au Morris

Jade explores how we can enrich health and education through landscape design.
She is working on a variety of projects including school playgrounds, gardens
and urban agriculture. Contact Jade here


Sloane Dougherty and Denny Ford

DesignGel is a social business providing affordable design to not-for-profits, community groups and small businesses. DesignGel provides new designers with the opportunity to get paid work experience in the industry.

.Check out:​​

Arts Management

Gemma Robinson 

Passionate about creativity, Gemma loves enabling artists to share their creative ideas and talents. Gemma has a background in fine arts (currently making bronze sculptures) and is a successful Arts Manager. Gemma will graduate in 2015 with a Master of Arts from Whitecliffe.
Gemma is a Gallery Curator at In Good Co.

Illustration & Graphic Design

Timothy Marsh

Tim supports start-up & established businesses with branding & visual identity development. He has created posters, logos, signs & videos.. ​Tim is passionate about all things colorful & creative. His digital works & illustrations have being exhibited in a number of shows around NZ. More here:

   Coworking Community

Wedding Photography

James Broadbent

Wellington based photographer who shoots weddings across New Zealand and internationally. Check out his work at

Contact James via e-mail or come up and see him

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Community Engagement

Claire Sara

Claire organises events, talks to lots of people and looks after in Good Company initiatives.

Claire is the Artistic Director of Urban Heart Productions. 

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Filmmaking Collective

Shmeat Productions

Shmeat Productions Limited are a filmmaking collective working on their first short "Shmeat" funded by the the New Zealand Film Commission through the Fresh Shorts scheme. Shmeat is a dystopic -fairytale set in the not-so-distant future where the struggle for resources demands a bawdy young scientist to find an alternative food source...


Cordelia Black

Cordy is a poet, actor, muso and organiser of events around Wellington and Lower Hutt. She also funds a small art grant the Fairy Godmother Gift. ​

Order books from her here:

Portrait Artist & Product Design

Katy Bang (Katy Jee-young Kelly)

Katy is an portrait artist mainly working with pastel. She is currently interested in portraying working women around the world; is where she posts articles about her drawing process. She is also a co-founder of a mobile App development company Puteko who launched the first Augmented Reality colouring book App called ‘colAR Mix’ ( Try the app and I can guarantee it will blow your kid’s mind!