We are on the move! 

Awesome friends, 
In Good Company has been a coworking home to some of NZ's coolest businesses and freelance professionals for almost 2 years. We have hosted 100s public events and exhibitions. We launched close to a dozen experiments on our journey supporting talent in NZ. Experiments such as 'Startup Hookup', 'Unfinished Inventions Exhibit', 'Pay for time cafe', 'ingCollective' agency and recent collaboration with Victoria University Faculty of Design are among some of my favorites. 
It is time for us to move into bigger, better and greener pastures as we continue the quest of supporting creative professionals grow in NZ and beyond.
This is our last month at 166A Cuba St.  
It would take me a day to list everyone who has made this place what it is- an aesthetically wonderful, dynamic platform for exhibitions, collaboration and productivity.You are all an important part of the company's DNA,
Our new location is ready for coworking from early January 2016 and there are certainly spots available.

It would be great to celebrate with you all via December events!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and the rest of the team. 

Mariya Kupriyenko 
Director of In Good Company​

Collaboration with Victoria University

Senior Victoria University Architecture and Design Students- work with In Good Company and exciting industry partners this summer:

Enrolment details here: http://www.victoria.ac.nz/courses/sarc/386?year=2015


connect to visual communications talent and artists for your project. Work with awesome freelancers NZ-wide. 

Read more: http://www.startupdaily.net/tag/in-good-company/

Check out: http://ingcollective.co.nz/

Scoop News (Dominion Post)

About In Good Company space

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Do you run a young enterprise and want a space to grow it?
In Good Company would love to help through giving you a space and a community to grow in. Get in touch with a paragraph about your company or project and a brief description of your team. Please include social media links and any relevant articles. 
Get hookedup with a sponsored coworking space for your early stage enterprise; contribute to IGC community. 
For details please contact mariya@ingoodcompany.co.nz with 'Startup Hookup' in the subject. 


by Mariya Kupriyenko (Founder)

At the heart of In Good Co. is the desire to provide an empowering and inspiring space for entrepreneurs, creators and freelance pros to strive in a like-minded community.
We trust In Good Co. will grow,  creating more spaces for innovators, start-ups, freelancers and creative professionals; more spaces for drop-in guests and a separate workshop space for artists. As well as providing more space, we envision providing more opportunities with the right mix of collaborative projects, educational events and a nurturing environment for innovators to progress.
We will always aim to be Wellington’s most dynamic and accessible shared space!


​Today’s most exciting and successful businesses have started with small beginnings. Start-ups begin in bedrooms and cafes and unfortunately, often, due to the start-up entrepreneur’s initial lack of resources, they can stay there for some time. Freelancers, even when successful tend to suffer from isolation. Motivated talents lose drive without a supportive community, opportunity and networks to bolster them. With a growing number of tech start-ups, globally growing freelance culture and today’s prominence of mobile-work situations, more flexible and accessible spaces are needed that can cater for these dynamic groups. 
​The same goes for the creative community -there needs to be a casual space where one can do their thing with others in the same creative boat. We provide that space.


Connecting creative pros to projects through Tap

Introducing our summer project - say hello to Tap!  Tap connects visual communications professionals to clients though an online platform. Designers, photographers and motion graphics artists are now welcome to apply to join this curated community. Clients- flick us an email. The digi way of doing things is not quite ready yet, but we can hook you up with the right person manually. Exciting times ahead!

Join to use Tap now www.tapcreative.co.nz (NZ), www.tapcreative.services (Word Wide)